Important Notice

Fritz!Boxes are often on sale and a very popular choice for a router in Germany. However, most Fritz!Box devices contain a DSL or fiber modem. Even if it's (in most cases) technically possible to use a Fritz!Box with the network of the Studierendenwerk, this is not a supported use case. If a Fritz!Box you're using is resposible for outages in the Studierendenwerk's network, you are directly liable for the downtime. Many older models and versions with an ISP branding are often locked down in software so it's not possible to use these in the dorms.


Since Fritz!Boxes are not officially supported, we kindly refer you to the AVM knowledgebase: AVM Knowledgebase: Setting up the FRITZ!Box as a cascaded router. Please make sure to connect the Fritz!Box only in step 2, after saving your settings! Please also make sure to connect the cable to the port outlined in the guide. Depending on the model, firmware and specific version of the router, this port can vary. If you're not sure, refer to the specific guide for your model.

There is no DHCP in the dorms. That means, in step 1, 7 - you will have to follow the instructions for a network without a DHCP server. If your Fritz!Box asks for the link speed, specify 1000 Mbit/s (1000000 Kbit/s), for upload and download.