Model used in this guide: GL.iNET AR-300M-EXT

Connecting to the Router

  1. Connect the WAN port of the router to the LAN port in the wall
  2. Connect the LAN port of the router to the LAN port on your computer (or connect to WiFi, see the manual)
  3. Start a webbrowser on your computer (Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.)
  4. Router default IP address:
  5. Default login credentials: You will specify this during first time setup


For the first step, we connect to the webinterface and choose a language and a password:

After that, we'll configure the IP address of the router. For that, under „Cable“ or „Ethernet“, we click on „Change“.


For the third step, we will need to configure how the router is supposed to connect to the internet. Choose „Static“ and enter your IP address data. IMPORTANT! Make sure NOT to enter the data from the screenshot. Enter the data which you got via e-mail. You can choose the HRZ DNS servers or those of a third party. To finish up, click on „Apply“.

For our last step, we will configure the WiFi network. Unlike with other routers, this step is NOT OPTIONAL for this model. Click on „Wireless“ on the left side, then click on „Change“. Make sure to choose a strong encryption method (WPA2, or, even better, WPA3) aswell as a complex password. You should also not use the password supplied in the screenshot (there are attacks which can calculate the default password from the WiFi SSID (name) and some other, freely available, data). Since all GL.iNET routers have the same default password, you need to change it. If you go for „WPA3-SAE“ as your encryption method, make sure your devices support this relatively new standard.

That's it! Have fun.